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Shameless uk deutsch

shameless uk deutsch

"Shameless": Deutsche Free-TV-Premiere ab Ende Juli bei kabel eins ShamelessComplete Series UK IMPORT · ShamelessSeries 1 UK IMPORT . Entdecken Sie Shameless: Series 1, (Standard Edition) [UK Import] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung. Shameless ist eine britische Fernsehserie des Senders Channel 4, die von den Gallaghers, einer Familie aus der Arbeiterklasse, und deren finanziellen und. In spite of this conflict, Ian and Maxine still have strong jetzz for each other, and Carl convinces Maxine that she and Ian belong together. Please improve free online sports streaming by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Norma Starkey born 18 July is a lorry driver. Carl is convinced Frank is innocent. Chesney knocks his father unconscious with a baseball bat and leaves him to die mögliche deutschland spiele em 2019 a fire erupts at the shop. After almost getting caught and their secret threatened. As series 8 begins, Jamie is zenmate google chrome counseling with Karen who has returned with their son. Riverdale TV Series Kassi appeared in 5 episodes in total. Debbie Gallagher episodes, Cameron Monaghan In series 5 he begins a relationship with shop owner Yvonne Karib Kelli Hollis. Cheating wife Olivia Wilder fucks loser Anthony Rosano. Clean sheets were jailed for up to 6 years. Sheila was first married to Sheldon.

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Sowohl Verhalten als auch Sprachstil sind milieuangemessen sehr derb, durchdrungen von herzlich gemeinten Beleidigungen, Four-Letter-Words und sonstigen sexuellen Anspielungen. Angesichts des Milies muss es derb zugehen und man darf keine ethische Akkuratheit erwarten. Navigation Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. When did they start using real writers, not frat boys or survivors of the Sheldon Schwartz School of Sitcoms? Von kleinen Diebereien zum Nackbügeln ist alles dabei - und das wichtigste Motto - they know how to throw a party - wird immer wieder zelebriert. Das pralle Leben eben! It's realistic and emotionally driven with comedic undertones. Die Premiere der dritten Staffel fand am

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Paddy is held hostage by a mystery woman who gets him addicted to heroin, but things take a sinister turn when she gets Mandy involved, ultimately resulting in tragedy.

The tone of Series 6 was noticeably darker than previous series, something which continued into Series 7. The seventh series began on 26 January and concluded on 4 May As with series 5 and 6, the seventh series consisted of 16 episodes.

Series 7 saw the arrivals of Libby Croker , played by Pauline McLynn , the next serious love interest for Frank, and her battleaxe wheelchair-bound mother, Patty , with Valerie Lilley taking on the role.

Also to arrive in Series 7 was Billy Tutton Michael Taylor , a new love interest for Mimi, who would return as a regular in the following series.

Kelli Hollis also left her role as Yvonne Karib, however she would return in the final series. In the series finale, Mimi surprisingly gave birth to baby Cilla, a storyline which would continue into the eighth series.

Unlike any previous series, the eighth series of 22 episodes was split into two halves. The first five episodes were aired consecutively during one week, from 10 January to 14 January , to tie-in with a series-opener story-arc.

After this, the series returned to its regular weekly slot, and continued for a further 7 episodes between 18 January to 8 March After a four-month break, the final 9 episodes of the eighth series began on 30 August and concluded the series on 25 October Starting with series 8 the show took a more light hearted, comedy approach, rarely taking on board the gritty realistic drama it had started out with.

From this point onwards the shows storylines became increasingly farfetched and viewing figures started to drop rapidly. Annabelle Apsion reprised her role as Monica Gallagher for the early episodes of the series, to coincide with a storyline featuring Frank and Libby and the departure of Liam.

Also departing this series was Libby, who left after realizing that Frank shows her no affection. Samantha Siddall returned as an apparition of her deceased character Mandy, who appeared as a vision to Mimi when she suffered from insomnia during this series.

This series also saw the return of Jack Deam as Marty Fisher as a regular cast member, who left the show in Series 4. The ninth series of Shameless began on 9 January and concluded on 13 March The ninth series, originally consisting of 22 episodes, was reduced to 11 episodes, with the remaining 11 being turned into the tenth series.

Like , the first two episodes aired on two consecutive nights. The ninth series primarily featured the arrivals of Gloria Meak , played by Angeline Ball , and her brother, Dominic Meak , with former EastEnders actor Stephen Lord taking on this role.

Gloria embarked on an affair with Jamie after having a catfight with Karen. Also departing this series was Carl, who made numerous guest appearances before leaving.

Prominent storylines for this series include Micky being the victim of a homophobic attack , and Frank, Jamie, Shane, Ruby and Aidan being trapped underground when a plan to rob lottery tickets goes dramatically wrong.

Series 10, originally planned to be the second half of the ninth series, was reduced from 11 episodes to It aired between 13 September and 1 November As with the last two series, the first two episodes aired on two consecutive nights.

The final episode of the tenth series saw three prominent characters depart: Jamie continued his affair with Gloria in Series 10, however this stopped following a pregnancy scare, and eventually Karen discovers his deceit.

The eleventh and final series of Shameless began on 26 February and concluded the show itself on 28 May An expansion from the last two series, the eleventh series consisted of 14 episodes.

The shows final episode saw the return of several departed characters, mostly consisting of the Gallagher children. During the eleventh series, all characters made their final appearances, however only certain characters made exits from Chatsworth.

Rose and her daughter Mary-Mae , who would begin a relationship with Chesney. A new family, the Blancos , arrived consisting of Kassi , played by Jalaal Hartley , Esther , portrayed by Isy Suttie , and their three children: Most notably, the role of Stella Gallagher was recast, with Nikita Brownlee playing the character.

The Gallagher family resides at 2 Windsor Gardens on the fictional Chatsworth Estate, a deprived council estate in Stretford , Manchester.

Some scenes were also filmed in the Wythenshawe area in the south of the city. She has appeared in a recurring role since May , and appeared on a regular basis in the eleventh and final series.

Stella appeared in 15 episodes overall. Stella is born to Frank and Monica in April , with Monica giving birth next to Frank, who is in a coma during the birth.

During Series 6, Monica walks out on the family again, leading to Social Services temporarily taking Liam and Stella into care, however neighbours Yvonne Karib Kelli Hollis and Stan Waterman Warren Donnelly offer to foster them in order to keep them close to the Gallaghers.

She shows great maturity for her age, and is shown to be thoughtful and caring. She has an abortion, however one of the twins survives, and she gives birth to Ben Gallagher in The Jockey.

As Monica feigns bereavement over the baby she "miscarried", and Frank neglecting his newborn son, Stella is forced to take on the role of looking after Ben.

Fiona decides to take Stella and Ben back to Amsterdam with her, leaving her in the care of her old friend, Kev Ball Dean Lennox Kelly , however he loses them.

Stella follows Frank to the bus stop with Ben in her arms, where Frank rages at an upset Stella that she was a mistake and that she ruined his life, leading to her sadly walk away alone.

Frank takes them back to the Gallagher household, walking into Fiona and Monica fighting over the upbringing of the two children. He is born in the final episode of the eleventh and final series.

He was born in The Jockey. After his birth, he is named Ben by Monica who feigns bereavement over the baby she "miscarried" and neglects him while Frank shows a lack of interest in the child and leaves full care to Stella.

Fiona attempts to make Frank and Monica see that their disastrous parenting is only going to damage Stella and Ben before deciding to take Stella and Ben back to Amsterdam with her, leaving her in the care of her old friend, Kev Ball Dean Lennox Kelly.

However, he loses them as Stella wanted to stay with her father and took Ben with her. Stella follows Frank to the bus stop with Ben in her arms, as Frank rages at an upset Stella that she and Ben were a mistake and that she ruined his life, leading to her sadly walk away alone with her brother.

A guilty Frank later finds Stella and Ben at a local park, he apologizes for his harsh behavior and confirms that he does love her and Ben, much to her joy.

Frank lets Stella play while he finally takes an active role in caring for Ben by finally holding him and changing him. John Woodvine Series 2. She is somewhat resentful of Frank, calling him a "selfish little shit".

She is close to all of his children, especially her great-grandson Liam Gallagher Johnny Bennett. She is the carer for her husband Bunty, who does nothing but eat.

Out of desperation, she shoots Bunty dead in front of Frank and willingly goes to prison for it. She is last seen when she is visited by her grandsons Liam and Ian Gallagher Gerard Kearns , and she appears to be loving prison life.

In her final scene, she deliberately causes a prison riot to extend her sentence as she wants to spend the rest of her life in prison. Patrick "Paddy" Maguire is the patriarch and the head of the Maguire family, the most feared and therefore most respected of the local criminal families.

It was shown in Series 6 that he is a supporter of Celtic F. Paddy appeared in 52 episodes in total. Paddy is extremely aggressive and violent and his presence puts fear into most people on the Chatsworth Estate.

For example, when he and his family enter the local pub, The Jockey, the customers sitting at the table beside the entrance clear the seat for them.

He and his family are also drug dealers on the Chatsworth estate. He has a particular dislike for the Gallagher family, particularly Frank David Threlfall and Lip Gallagher Jody Latham , which he has demonstrated on several occasions, both physically and verbally.

However, in more recent series, Paddy has begun to show a more compassionate side, and since series four, he has also become much more accepting of Lip, as well as Karen Jackson Rebecca Atkinson , the wife of his oldest son Jamie Aaron McCusker.

Paddy also has a strong sense of family and is loyal toward them. For example, when his daughter-in-law Karen becomes severely depressed he becomes the rock upon which she can lean.

Paddy now has some grudging respect for the Gallaghers. Despite showing open contempt for higher education, Paddy has occasionally shown knowledge of certain literary subjects.

In Series 6, Paddy was briefly abducted by the mother of a teenager who died after using his drugs, who in revenge repeatedly injected Paddy with heroin, causing him to become addicted to the substance.

His attempts to conceal his new habit and deal with its effect on his life were a recurring theme of Series 6, with him finally going cold turkey later in the series, during which he had visions of his father Padraig.

In addition to the visions of his father, Paddy fantasizes about sleeping with Karen and Kelly Maguire Sally Carman , who are both his daughters-in-law.

After a short conversation, Paddy hands Kelly an amount of money, in exchange for sex. Later on in the episode, an awkward Paddy and Kelly exchange moments, in which Paddy offers Shane and Kelly the master bedroom of the Maguire house, out of guilt.

Shane insisted he would forgive her anything, no matter whom she had slept with, but the guilty looks between Paddy and Kelly made him realise what had happened between them.

Paddy begins applying heavy pressure on Jock, the owner of the boxing club, who had borrowed heavily from the Maguires. Meanwhile, he relentlessly belittles Micky when he wants to join the fire brigade.

Micky risks his life to save Jock. When Jock is in hospital, Paddy reveals that he had been a young boxer at the club; he had real potential to use his skills to get a better life, but Jock essentially sold him to a crime family.

Micky reveals to Paddy that he lied about passing his fire test. On 6 March , it was announced that Sean Gilder had quit Shameless after five years with the show because of his rumoured dislike of Tina Malone who portrays Mimi.

It is unclear whether or not Paddy has died. Frank utters the words, at one point in the show: Mimi Tutton [4] also Murphy and Maguire is the brash, foul-mouthed, and violent matriarch of the Maguire family.

Her ex-boyfriend is also named Paddy. She is also a drug dealer on the Chatsworth Estate and is frequently seen doing so on the show.

She is extremely violent, easily angered and arguably more intimidating than her husband, Paddy; though as the series progresses she becomes less hotheaded.

Mimi is as hard as nails, and she can hold her own with men and women. At one point during Series 3 a whole riot squad is needed to restrain her after she attempts to free her daughter Mandy from incarceration at the police station.

Mimi appeared in episodes overall. In series 5 a more sensitive side to Mimi is shown after her ex-boyfriend, Paddy, makes a crass comment about her weight.

In the same series, she is shown attending anger management classes. In Series 6, Mimi experiences some regret over her lack of education when son Micky takes film classes.

Mimi is presented as a character who behaves in ways which are polar opposites. For example, she has no qualms about selling drugs to children and behaving in a violent manner.

However, she also has strong maternal instincts and shows compassion for others. For example, when Chesney Karib Qasim Akhtar reacts badly after consuming drugs, she and Paddy care for Chesney by feeding him and ensuring that he sobers up safely.

Later, when Yvonne Karib Kelli Hollis accuses Mimi of being an intolerant racist, Mimi retorts by describing the racism that Paddy faced when he arrived in England from Ireland.

Yvonne and Mimi realize that they share love for their own children and would do anything to ensure their happiness. To make matters worse, she is arrested for an assault that her son Jamie carried out.

This is because she does not want to see her ex-con son go to jail again. At the end of series 6, her beloved daughter Mandy is killed by the woman who got Paddy addicted to heroin.

The strain of this loss causes Paddy and Mimi to split up. In series 7 Mimi lives in The Jockey as landlord and has an affair with a friend of her son Micky named Billy Tutton Michael Taylor , until she finds out that he is only fourteen years old, although he looks just as old as Micky.

After the boy starts to blackmail Mimi into a secret relationship, Mimi tries to threaten him to keep him away from her, finally giving him a gun filled with blanks and daring him to shoot her.

When he pulls the trigger, she pretends to be dead, and he flees Chatsworth, believing he has killed her. To add insult to injury, they ask Mimi to supply them with some party drugs to help loosen them up before the photo shoot.

Mimi films them and sets up a website to display the shots. Mimi gives birth to a newborn daughter, later named Cilla, at the end of Series 7 after complaining of stomach pains and nausea which scared her into believing she had started menopause.

The baby was presumably fathered by estranged husband Paddy. According to the Shameless website, Mimi will return to living in the Maguire house, with baby daughter Cilla, in Series 8.

It is implied that she is unsure who fathered Cilla because of her fling with underage Billy. At the end of Series 8 the couple marry, despite ongoing controversy and disapproval of much of the family.

In Series 9, Mimi forces Billy to have an open relationship because she is worried she is to old for him. It is also implied she knew her son Micky was gay all along, after she encourages him to leave the estate with a baby he has saved, which he does.

Jamie Maguire is the oldest son of the notorious Maguire family, the son of Paddy Sean Gilder and Mimi Maguire Tina Malone , and recently returned after serving a ten-year prison sentence for manslaughter.

Jamie has a tendency to sleepwalk on occasion. His new reformed life was a sham to cover his murders of these three men. Karen assumed that his courtship of her was part of this pretence, but Jamie claimed that he really loved her and they were married at the end of the episode.

During Series 5, Jamie does his best to avoid joining the family business. She distances herself from him, questioning if she would want to have a child that would grow up in the Maguire family.

Despite being portrayed as one of the warmer of the Maguire family, Jamie has become somewhat of a dark and aggressive character, possibly due to him taking on the family business while his father was going cold turkey when recovering from drug addiction.

He also proves that unlike his two brothers, he is a very effective debt collector and head of the family business, having no qualms about threatening or injuring if it brings results.

Jamie becomes a father in Series 7, but afterward witnesses the gradual mental breakdown of his wife Karen, unaware that the overwhelming guilt and self-loathing she carries is eating away at her inside.

He meets a woman named Michelle while on a night out, and has sex with her in the ladies toilets. They meet later when Michelle offers Jamie a job.

Despite his obvious disgust at the thought of working as a "man-whore", Jamie agrees to the offer. He services Michelle and other women, needing the money as well as some time away from Karen.

Initially Michelle is reluctant to let him go, but when he introduces her to the virile young Carl Gallagher Elliott Tittensor , she changes her mind.

During this time, Karen has continued her destructive affair with Joe, who seemed to have no concerns about her illness or her erratic behavior.

As his marriage implodes, Jamie is also trying to deal with a threat to both the family and their business, since his father has left Chatsworth for Ireland.

As series 8 begins, Jamie is in counseling with Karen who has returned with their son. He beats up a cab driver, erroneously believing the man is Joe, and Karen finally admits Joe is dead, although she does not tell him he was murdered while attempting to kill her.

She and Connor move back with Jamie into The Jockey as they attempt to make their marriage work. In the meantime, Jamie tricks his brother, Shane Nicky Evans , into willingly giving up his attempt to run the family business.

In series 8, Jamie is shown to be scared of clowns since he saw one of them choke to death when he was young. Luckily, one of the guns Jamie was selling ended up in her bag, and she was able to shoot the customer and get away, leading to Jamie taking the gun back and soothing her in a hot shower.

After losing to Karen in a card game, he agrees to put the pub back in her name, and the couple are seen looking up at the new sign, showing "Jamie and Karen Maguire" as the proprietors of the Jockey.

In Series 9, Jamie acts a spokesman for the estate when the majority of the people who live there are evicted. Shane, overall, appeared in episodes.

Judging by certain scenes from the fourth to sixth series, the other Maguire boys, except for Jamie, seemed to be taking direction from Shane, in the absence of Paddy and Mimi, which might imply that Shane is the second oldest of the Maguire children.

After coming out of a coma , Shane is left partially paralysed and bed-ridden. However, with physiotherapy and speech therapy, his condition begins to improve.

After a running a series of wedding scams together, Shane asks Kelly to marry him, but she was hestitant to do so.

After they fall out during a party at The Jockey, he tries to make amends. But discovers that weeks earlier, Kelly had sex with his father, Paddy.

A heartbroken Shane later asks his father why he betrayed him. Paddy reveals that he felt shamed by his sons for abandoning him during that night, and in a moment of self-pity, paid Kelly for sex to "hurt" his son, but he now deeply regrets it.

Shane demands that his father proves how sorry he is, and produces a syringe and a bag of heroin. As Paddy is about to inject himself, Shane stops him just in time.

He is now married to Kelly. They had their impromptu civil ceremony at The Jockey. While giving a deposit to a sperm bank, Shane learned that he was sterile.

Shane was upset at the thought of never having children. His father and brothers tried to help by offering to be sperm donors for Kelly, but she refused.

Shane was left to look on Liam as a son. When Carl Gallagher Elliott Tittensor and Chesney Karib Qasim Akhtar were framed for murder by a local drug-dealer called Jimmy, the Maguires initially decide to remain aloof from the situation, as it was "not their fight".

When Jimmy tried to set the Gallagher home on fire, Shane stepped in, as he knew Jimmy was afraid to cross the Maguires. The last straw for Shane was when Jimmy promised to harm the family, including Liam.

Shane and Kelly have also developed a parental bond with Liam to the point where Liam even calls them mum and dad albeit in jest as they put him to bed.

Jamie however feels that Shane is not up to the responsibility, and when he sees that Shane has been conned out of a drug deal, Jamie takes control by making Shane believe a gangster tried to have him killed.

Jamie then encourages to shoot the gangster dead, not knowing that it was in fact Jamie who arranged for Shane to be left for dead until afterwards.

A feud builds between the two throughout the first half of series 8. Micky Maguire [8] is a "paranoid, aggressive, violent, homosexual yet homophobe " who is a member of the Maguire family.

Despite his aggressive, exaggerated personality, he is mentally weak and often runs away at the first sign of trouble. Although his father Paddy Maguire Sean Gilder often shows him disrespect and is violent towards him, Paddy still loves his son.

Micky is the most idealistic of his family, and the most loyal to his parents. Micky appeared in 84 episodes in total. When Micky initiates a brief and casual affair with Ian Gallagher Gerard Kearns and falls in love with him, Micky exhibits the fact that he is an eager suitor when he follows Ian around and is very emotionally demanding.

In his early appearances, Micky has a dog, Nelson, whom he has been close to for years. Ian is disgusted to learn just how close they had become at one time, and declines to continue a relationship with Micky.

By this time Micky is in love with him and wants everyone to know. When Micky is about to tell his family, Ian bursts into the room and tells them about what had happened with Micky and Nelson.

Paddy immediately has Nelson put down, deeply upsetting Micky. The early episodes of the sixth series show Micky attending college to study film.

When he reveals to his parents that he wants to pursue further education, Paddy and Mimi Tina Malone ridicule him. Later on in the series, Mimi accepts the fact that Micky is going to college and supports her son in his educational endeavours.

Unfortunately, Micky struggles with the course and is distracted by an erotic story his professor accidentally slips in with his coursework.

Micky decides that his true talents are in erotic writing and gives up his place in the class for his mother, Mimi, who loves film and has always wanted to go to college.

In the Series 7, Micky continues to build a friendship with Ian, with whom he shares a house. This series has proved that Micky has a sensitive side, as explained through his dialogue with Ian when Ian became involved with Maxine Donnelly Joanna Higson.

Micky tried to warn Ian that Maxine fancied him, not realising that Ian felt the same way about Maxine. Micky was devastated when Ian insisted he cared for Maxine and wanted to be with her.

Relations between Micky and the new couple remained strained, but eventually Micky decided to stop letting the relationship bother him.

He told Maxine that all he wanted was that when she finally realises she cannot be happy with a gay man, that she let Ian down gently. But after the lady passes away Micky decides to move away from Chatsworth to look after the baby.

When saying goodbye to Mimi as he is on the verge of telling her he is gay she silences him and tells him to keep in contact. Mimi implies that she has guessed he is gay.

She is generally more law-abiding than the rest of her family, but is fiercely loyal to them and can often have a violent and abusive streak.

Overall, Mandy appeared in 51 episodes. She develops a crush on Ian Gallagher Gerard Kearns in series 1 because he stuck up for her against their teacher Mrs.

Novacovic, but sends her brothers after him when he rejects her. She is the second person to find out about his homosexuality. However her father Paddy continues to supply her with financial support.

In Series 6, Mandy has recently fallen for Joe Pritchard Ben Batt , an accountant and the captain of a local football team. In the final episode of Series 6, Mandy was kidnapped by Maureen, an emotionally unstable woman who lost her daughter to heroin and blames Paddy for her death.

Mandy realised that Maureen was the person who kidnapped Paddy. As Maureen disappeared to put the kettle on, Mandy followed to see what she was doing, and to her horror, found a broken gas pipe which Maureen had sabotaged.

Maureen then returned to the kitchen with matches. Mandy desperately began fighting to get the matches from Maureen just as Paddy and Mickey turned up outside to save her, however they could not gain access into the house.

Inside the house, Mandy had fought her way into the hallway and ran towards the door. Just as Micky pressed the doorbell, creating a spark, Maureen lit a match.

The gas then ignited, causing the house to explode, killing both Maureen and Mandy and throwing Micky across the street.

The episode then cut to Kelly, reading a book to little Katie whilst trying to hold back the tears. In Series 8, Mandy briefly appears as an apparition or hallucination to comfort her mother when she suffers from insomnia.

Katie is born after a heavily pregnant Mandy is knocked over during a robbery at the local shop. However, Mandy decides to begin a serious relationship with Lip in order for Katie to have both her parents in her life, so she moves in with the Gallaghers, to the disappointment of Paddy and Mimi.

Mandy later reveals that she named Katie after Mimi, with her first name actually being Katherine. Lip eventually moves to Nottingham in order to go to university, leaving Mandy and Katie with the other Gallaghers.

In Series 6, Mandy later begins a relationship with Joe Pritchard Ben Batt , who begins to mentally abuse Mandy before starting to beat her.

Unbeknownst to Mandy, but Karen has begun an affair with Joe. After Paddy is kidnapped and forced to take heroin by a woman named Maureen, she is still intent on revenge for Paddy getting her daughter hooked on drugs which eventually lead to her death.

Maureen contacts Mandy to come over to her house, where Mandy realizes who Maureen is and a physical scuffle ensues. In Series 7, Mimi decides to take Katie to Nottingham so that Lip can look after her and help her through the grief of losing Mandy at such a young age.

Katie is not seen or mentioned again until the eleventh and final series, where Frank is seen pulling faces at a young girl on the bus.

The girl then leaves the bus and straight into the arms of Lip, revealing that she was Katie. Katie, now 9 years old, is excited to see Frank, after being informed by Lip that he had been captured by the Taliban.

She instantly gets on well with her aunt, Stella Gallagher Nikita Brownlee , who is three years her junior. Lip and Frank both tell Katie that she does not need to do anything that makes her feel uncomfortable, so she stops wearing dresses.

Katie flees when Lip is beaten up in an alleyway, and shortly after this, Lip and Katie leave Chatsworth again to continue their lives as before.

He is portrayed as being more thuggish than the rest of his brothers, quite often seen using violence against other people, including electrocution, attempted murder and hands on combat.

He appeared in the show on a recurring basis throughout the first three series, whenever his family had problems to deal with on the Chatsworth Estate.

Mandy later admits to lying, and Donny stops harassing Ian. He is next seen when he is ordered to collect Ian for his parents as he has "impregnated" Mandy.

In series 3, he assists Paddy in tracking down and torturing a deaf teenage boy suspected of robbing the shop, which led to Mandy getting hurt.

He later kicks him off a multi-story car park when he uses a paint can to insult the Maguire boys. When his family moved to Chatsworth, Donny was not present and has not been seen since, with no explanation to his whereabouts.

The character of Donny seems to have been completely forgotten, along with his brother Joey Will Willoughby , as his mother Mimi often forgets to mention his name when talking about her kids.

He appears in only one episode in Series 2, with a minor role. He has not been seen or mentioned since. Nigel and Delia are her half-brother and sister.

She becomes estranged from both parents throughout the series. She then leaves to stay with her grandmother but later returns to work at The Jockey, the local pub.

She is the only other character aside from Frank to appear in every series. Karen appeared in episodes in total. Karen becomes considerably more mature in series 4, at the end of which she marries the recently freed Jamie Maguire Aaron McCusker , with whom she co-runs the pub.

Season 5 sees her becoming increasingly, albeit grudgingly, more integrated with the Maguire family and their somewhat violent way of life. Karen suffers a miscarriage early in season 6 and very soon after, her changing behavior and the loss of their child starts creating a large rift in their marriage.

During this, the Maguires find out Joe has been physically abusing Mandy, and Jamie is almost sent back to prison after brutally beating him.

The last episode of series 6 reveals Karen to be once again pregnant; however she is unsure whether the father is Jamie or Joe, who laughs and tells her "You belong to me now.

After taunting her, Joe decided to help a scared Karen deliver what could be his son, who would be christened Connor Joseph Maguire.

Afterwards, Joe would declare that he loves her and they should be a family. For example, she hides her baby in a dresser drawer.

On the third episode of the 7th series Karen starts to act in a strange manner by becoming obsessed with exercising and thinking that she can start her own fitness business, bouncing on a trampoline outside, going out late at night to buy groceries and putting baby Connor in a wardrobe.

She is saved from her suicide attempt by a quick-thinking Paddy, who shows his sensitive side when he expresses deep care and sympathy for her. Finally Karen has to be restrained by medics and is placed in a psychiatric unit.

Karen is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. When she returns home, she struggles to repair her marriage to Jamie, who is unable to have sex with her because the image of Karen during her breakdown is deeply ingrained in his mind.

Jamie, unknown to Karen, begins having sex with other women for money, and to get away from her. Jamie does not derive any pleasure from having sex with other women and is motivated by the financial gain.

Eventually he stops prostituting himself when Paddy discovers what Jamie has been up to and tries to be happy with Karen.

As much as Karen is repulsed by the sordid nature of her affair with Joe, she is also drawn to it, and is disappointed when Joe briefly stops seeing her.

When he begins going to anger management meetings, Karen repeatedly tries to taunt him, throwing cereal around his shop and offering to resume their fling, but he refuses.

Joe wants to start a new life with Karen and Connor and pushes Karen repeatedly to take Connor and leave Jamie. She also stops taking her medication, with her more erratic personality being closer to Joe than to Jamie.

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what she wants, she leaves with Joe, warning him that Jamie will kill them. She stays with Joe, but soon begins to question her choice as she starts taking her bipolar meds again.

She confides her worries to Ian Gallagher, who sneaks into the trunk of the car right before they leave the estate, worried for Karen and Connor.

When Karen attempts to call Jamie, telling Joe this was all a mistake and she had to go home and fix things, Joe begins strangling her.

Ian gets out of the trunk, and repeatedly hits Joe in the back of the head while in an act of self defense until he releases her and falls to the ground.

In Series 8 Karen returns to speak to Jamie, and they begin going to marital counseling, during which Karen admits that she made a mistake, and tells Jamie that Joe is dead, although not how he died.

After several rough sessions in which he makes it clear that he finds it difficult to forgive her, Jamie tells her that he wants her and Connor back home, and that they will have to see if it can work out.

At the beginning of her voiceover for episode four, he lets her out of the cab, and she walks through the Chatsworth estate, with jeers of "slag" and "slapper" being yelled by others, and egg thrown at her.

He then headbutts one man who passed the allotted time before walking out of the room, leaving Karen standing alone. Jamie used his power of attorney while Karen was ill to put The Jockey solely in his name, and at first he is very cold towards her after her return, ignoring her suggestions and making it clear that the pub was no longer hers, but his and run with Mimi, leaving Karen feeling very left out.

She explains to him that she knows she has to earn his trust back, and just wants him to give her a chance.

Later, he takes her back into their bed and things begin to return to normal for the couple. In a later episode, we see her standing in front of The Jockey, scowling up at the "Jamie Maguire, proprietor" sign.

After winning a card game from Jamie, she demands that he return the pub to her. The couple is then later seen standing in front of the pub looking at two signs, one of which says "under new management," and the other saying "Jamie and Karen Maguire, proprietors.

In series 9 Karen has returned to her former, stable self. Karen later realizes Jamie is possibly having an affair, and asks for the help of Gloria and others to find out who it is, worried that perhaps it is her condition causing paranoia.

At the end of the episode, she sees Jamie and Gloria together, and realizes who he was having an affair with all along. Karen is attacked in the park while walking Connor.

He attempts to go after enemies while trying to protect his wife and child, and later agrees to a ransom of , after Karen is kidnapped.

After several car changes, he finds Karen as she walks out into the warehouse, revealing to him that she planned the whole thing, and that she knows about his affair.

She explains that now she knows he does love her and she loves him, but that the secrets are going to stop. At the end of the episode, she tells him that if something happens to her, there is an unknown friend who knows everything about Jamie.

A recovered heroin addict, she became a prostitute and inspired Lillian Tyler Alice Barry to open up a brothel, and struck up a relationship with Shane Maguire Nicky Evans , which ended under intimidation from his father Paddy Sean Gilder.

This resulted in Shane confronting Paddy, who beat him up in The Jockey. In series 6 it is revealed by Kelly that she had had a phantom pregnancy , and was comforted by Mimi and Shane.

Kelly appeared in 85 episodes overall. In series 7, Kelly is chosen initially by Jamie and Karen to be the godmother of their newborn son, Connor Joseph Maguire.

She and Shane have also actively dealt in personal side jobs in addition to the normal Maguire family business.

In the fourth episode of Series 7, Kelly has sex with Paddy in exchange for money, after Paddy found it hard to "pull" on a night out with his sons.

Paddy wanted to hurt Shane since he felt Shane had not been there for him. Paddy and Kelly kept their encounter a secret, but during a mass wedding scam, Shane proposed to Kelly.

Kelly turned him down several times, even ending their relationship, because she could not marry him while living a lie. Shane told her he would forgive her sleeping with anyone, at which point she and a guilty Paddy made eye contact.

Shane was devastated to learn the truth, but forgave Kelly, and they married in a civil ceremony at the Jockey. Shane was deeply upset when he learned he was sterile.

Kelly and Shane decided to give up on their plans and just be honorary parental figures for Liam, whom she has grown quite fond of.

Kelly was revealed in the thirteenth episode of series 7 to have a fifteen-year-old half-sister named Tonya, whose care she was briefly responsible for.

Kelly and Tonya were both fathered by a man named Homer. It was implied that he abused them both sexually.

Tonya had a baby-boy named Enrico, who was in foster-care. She begged him not to tell Kelly. Kelly and Shane break up and her and Marty start their lives together.

In Series 9 Kelly loses the baby in an accident, leading to a breakdown of constant drinking and drug abuse. She eventually leaves, disowning her friends, but returns when she realizes Marty truly loves her.

Billy Tutton , first appeared in Episode 4 of Series 7, when he was on The Jockey football team, lying about his age he started a sexual relationship with Mimi Maguire Tina Malone who then went on to have his baby Cilla.

He returned in series 8, when he snatched Cilla without Mimi noticing. He and Mimi married on the last episode of Series 8. Billy appeared in 40 episodes overall.

Billy is often portrayed as unreliable and childish; therefore mocked by most of the Chatsworth community. Numerous times he has tried to prove himself worthy to the Maguire sons and the local community by demonstrating that he can be mature and ruthless, but to no avail.

He also played as a different character called "Spider" in Series 4, Episode 5 of Shameless. She appeared in 18 episodes in total.

Ruby reveals that she has always hated Mimi for her treatment of her father and threatens to kill her. As the men push through the door the furniture topples over and knocks Ruby out of the window, where she falls onto the patio and is instantly killed.

Later, Shane and Jamie bury Ruby in a shallow grave in the woods. Kevin Alan "Kev" Ball born 24 January worked in the local public house, The Jockey, and was the next door neighbour of the Gallagher family.

He is also the brother of Kelly Maguire Sally Carman. He appeared in 29 episodes in total. He told Veronica the situation prior to their wedding.

Their plan was to use the money to buy their council house. And despite having lessons on and off over the years, has had limited success, until Veronica agreed to help him out once she learned that the instructor from his adult literacy class was sexually harassing him.

Kev also took boxing lessons from his late father during childhood; a skill he attempts to pass onto his foster child, Eric, in the second series.

He is also referred to several times in the same episode as "Kelvin Ball". Kev and Veronica appeared briefly in the first episode of the fourth series.

They were shown being brought into a Romanian courthouse. They had been arrested after attempting to buy an orphan.

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